To: Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy
Kind attention of Minister Mr Ioannis Plakiotakis
Ref: Grounding of container ship “EVER GIVEN” in SUEZ Canal on 24th March 2021

Piraeus, 26th March 2021

Dear Minister Mr Ioannis Plakiotakis,

We refer to our communication regarding the grounding of the container ship “EVER GIVEN” which grounded in Suez Canal on 23rd of March 2021 and continue blocking traffic on one of the world’s most important waterways.

We would like to bring under your attention that the Members of our Union have prompt available the following floating crafts which can be utilized for both pulling and lightering operations for the refloating of the “EVER GIVEN”.

No. Name Type Bollard Pull Horsepower
1. PANTOKRATOR Salvage Tug / Oil Recovery Ship 61.9 4052
2. PANOS P Anchor Handling Tug Supply 100 8000
3. AEGIS I Oil Recovery Ship


No. Name Type Max lifting capacity (tons) Lenght — Breadth
1. KIM HENG 191 Barge - 54.90m — 24.38m
2. SEA JACK Jack up crane barge 1200 tons 91.20m — 33.00m
3. IGNATIOS III Crane barge 220 tons 48.00m — 22.50m
4. IGNATIOS II Crane barge 260 tons 60.00m ‑23.04m
5. IGNATIOS X Crane barge 130 tons 44.10m — 21.32m
6. CLARE Crane barge 400 tons 76.20m — 24.38m


In addition to the above, please note that we can provide our members’ expertise gained from their involvement in numerous salvage operations around the world.

We are remaining at your disposal for any further assistance.

With kind regards,

Pavlos Xiradakis Nikolaos Tsavliris
President Secretary


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