Social responsibility initiative to support the “ATTIKON” hospital with medical equipment

The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs with a sense of social responsibility, supports the National Health System in coping with the adverse conditions resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, thus took the initiative to offer medical equipment at the University-General Hospital “ATTIKON”.

In the context of this initiative, the Association’s members have advanced to the donation of: a) seven (7) high-flow air/oxygen supply apparatus incorporating AIRVO2 humidifier, b) 221 circuit and nasal cannula for the devices mentioned and c)consumables for the operation of the above high-flow air / oxygen supply apparatus, with a total value of €65,000.

The companies – members of the Association participating in the donation are MEGATUGS SALVAGE & TOWAGE and ZOUROS GROUP.

Τhe President of the Association, Mr. Pavlos Xiradakis noted “It is particularly important in difficult times and unprecedented conditions that we all experience, to be able to contribute to the critical battle that the National Health System gives to face the pandemic.The daily struggle of doctors and nurses for the health management and treatment of the tragic consequences of the covid-19 pandemic in our country, is an inspiration for all of us”

The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs was founded in 1980 and, since its establishment, it is steadily developing and has become the most prominent and reliable representative of Greek owners of tugs, salvage, antipollution and OSVs. The mission of the Association, since its establishment in the shipping industry of our country, is to provide quality services equivalent to Greek shipping industry in towing, salvage, shipwreck removal and the protection of the marine environment.

Simultaneously, all these activities of Association’s members have been performed with the utmost respect for the protection of business and human resources employed either onboard or on land-based jobs. The Association has been following all the international developments, mainly, through its participation in the European Tugowners Association (ETA) and the International Salvage Union (ISU), in order to enable its members to be informed about subjects of common interest and comply with international standards.

To read the press release in Greek and pdf format, please click here.

To read the letter of the University-General Hospital “ATTIKON” to the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs, please click here.