The Board of Directors of the Association consists of nine (9) members, including a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and five Directors. The Board of Directors is the main body of the Association, after the General Assembly. It decides and acts on all issues concerning the Association.

More specifically:

  • draws up the rules of procedure of the Association,
  • supervises the implementation of the statute and the rules of procedure,
  • ensures the implementation of the General Assembly’s decisions,
  • manages the money of the Association and determines the amount of the membership fee,
  • prepares the annual review, which is subject to vote by the General Assembly,
  • determines the monthly remuneration of the President, Secretary and Treasurer,
  • convenes the General Assemblies of the members, ordinary or extraordinary, and sets the agenda for the General Assemblies,
  • exercises the disciplinary authority over the members of the Association and decides on the penalties to be imposed,
  • ensures the smooth running and accomplishment of the Association’s mission in accordance with its statute.