A member of the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs successfully performed two important operations of salvage and towage within this month, both in Greek and international territorial waters, confirming the fact that the Association’s members have extensive and international expertise.

On June 8, 2021, the laden bulk carrier “River Thames”, bound for the port of Alexandria, ran aground south of the island of Formentera, Spain. Later that day, Megatugs was contracted by the shipowning company of the abovementioned ship to provide assistance and salvage the ship and her cargo, through the international convention LOF 2020.

Both a specialized shipwreck removal crew and salvage tug of suitable bollard pull, immediately, despatched to detach the stranded ship from the spot. In addition, Megatugs mobilized a support vessel to the area with suitable anti-pollution equipment, i.e. inflatable floating dams, skimmer, absorbent materials, etc., as a measure to protect the marine environment. Following completion of the necessary work by the salvage crew and submission of the relevant ship detachment plan to the local authorities, the bulk carrier “River Thames” successfully detached and handed over to the owners on 15 June 2021 noon.

Furthermore, on June 18, 2021, tugs “PANTOCRATOR” and “DOLPHIN I” of Megatugs Salvage & Towage provided towing services to the tanker “NAVION OSLO” (GT 55,756 – DWT 118,209) from the Eleusis’ anchorage to the demolition yards of Aliaga, Turkey. The ship was safely delivered on June 20, 2021 at the demolition yards of Aliaga.

The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs was founded in 1980 and, since its establishment, it is steadily developing and has become the most prominent and reliable representative of Greek owners of tugs, salvage, antipollution and OSVs. The mission of the Association is the preservation, promotion, protection and development of any kind of the members’ interests in a context of healthy competition. The Association has been following all the international developments, mainly, through its participation in the European Tugowners Association (ETA) and the International Salvage Union (ISC).

The main objective of the Association’s members is to provide services for the protection of human life, the marine environment, ships and facilities. Simultaneously, the members are active at a global level and have extensive and high level of know-how, due to their participation in a variety of projects both in the national and international level. The Association’s members offer their services to more than 8,000 ships annually.

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