Barge ATLANTIS X was towed in ballast by tug CHRISTOS XXIV (55 tons BP) from Piraeus to Tulcea, where barge was loaded with the ship modules 6299 of total weight 800 tons.

Tug CHRISTOS XXIV towed the barge, in laden condition, from Tulcea, to Marghera port, where the discharging operations of barge took place safely with the delivery of the hull modules to the Fincantieri shipyards. Operations were successfully performed with the approval of RINA for the sea fastening of hull modules on ATLANTIS X.

Following the successful performance of the operation, tug CHRISTOS XXIV and barge ATLANTIS X were recommissioned again on 25.03.2022 to perform same nature project with the loading and transfer of new constructed hull sections from Vard Tulcea to Marghera port.

Similar operations were also carried out by tug Christos XXXIV & CHRISTOS LXI for the transfer of new hull sections with barge ATLANTIS X.