The Company

Antipollution is the leading company in the provision of Port Reception Facilities and one of the largest Waste Management companies in Greece and the Mediterranean region. It operates in all major Greek ports and numerous private marinas and terminals, providing integrated, tailor-made environmental solutions.

Thanks to its passionate team, more than 70 years of experience, the use of the latest technology and global best practices, the company has achieved the implementation of sustainable sea services worldwide. Antipollution provides immediate, effective and reliable solutions concerning Emergency Response Services wherever in the world an incident may occur. It has the expertise and equipment required to undertake the most complex environmental protection services during oil spills and wreck removal operations. Its long-standing experience, the highly-qualified and fully trained personnel along with the use of a state of the art equipment, allow the company to treat all kinds of waste even under extreme circumstances.

Antipollution was founded by the descendants of the first boat operators and stevedores operating in Piraeus Port in 1940s. Ever since, the company is on a constant expansion pace, acquiring modern equipment and providing its services on a 24/7 basis.

The company is a member of V Group which also includes Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. – GREENVEN Engineering S.A and VEN Energy S.A.

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