The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVsActive Supporter and Partner of SEAVIEWS Research Project

The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs announces its support and participation in the research project SEAVIEWS (SEctor Adaptive VIrtual Early Warning System for marine pollution, ADRION Interreg). In this context, the Association, based on the provision of quality services for the protection of the marine environment and the effective prevention of marine pollution, actively participates in the establishment of a national branch for the marine water protection network of the project area, namely the Adriatic and Ionian Seas (Greek Marine Pollution Hub).

The aim of the SEAVIEWS project is to develop an innovative early warning system for the prevention and management of marine pollution from various sources (oil spills, marine litter, etc.). At the same time, the project will create a transnational data network for the collection, storing and analyzing data regarding the marine water quality, gathered from smart sensors installed at critical fixed and moving points in the Adriatic and Ionian region.

In addition, within the framework of the project, National Marine Pollution Hubs will be established with the aim of raising public awareness and preventing marine pollution. The National Marine Pollution Hubs will take into account specific national conditions, the legislation, the existing action plans and protocols for countering marine pollution and the level of public awareness for the protection of the marine environment. Through their action, any special need at a national level will be recognized, using the experience and know-how of the participating organizations and operating as an interactive network that will allow the continuous and free flow of information.

The Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs was founded in 1980 and, since its establishment, it is steadily developing and has become the most prominent and reliable representative of Greek owners of tugs, salvage, antipollution and OSVs. The mission of the Association is the preservation, promotion, protection and development of any kind of the members’ interests in a context of healthy competition. The Association has been following all the international developments, mainly, through its participation in the European Tugowners Association (ETA) and the International Salvage Union (ISC).

The main objective of the Association’s members is to provide services for the protection of human life, the marine environment, ships and facilities. Simultaneously, the members are active at a global level and have extensive and high level of know-how, due to their participation in a variety of projects both in the national and international level. The Association’s members offer their services to more than 8,000 ships annually.