Tug CHRISTOS LIII was recently engaged in a short time charter project in Argolis gulf. The scope of work was the towage of three fishing farm cages of 39m diameter each, to 6 nautical miles from their initial position.

Tug, having been mobilized from Salamis, arrived in Argolida on 20th July 2021. On the first day, CHRISTOS LIII was towing for almost 12 hours at a speed of 0.5 – 0.8 knots the two fishing farm cages from their initial position to the requested by Charterers position, at favorable weather condition. The operation was completed late afternoon hours on the 21st July. The next day the tug having commenced the towage as of 6am local time completed the repositioning of the third fishing cage safely at 14:00 hours. The towage of the floating fishing cages has been successfully completed in accordance with the instructions and coordination of the fishing farm and general aquaculture practices, due to the sensitivity of fish species.