Joint Communication from Foreign Affairs Ministry and Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy Ministry regarding the offer of assistance to the Suez Canal Authorities

Greece, as a predominantly maritime nation with the largest merchant fleet in the world, attaches great importance to the value of free and unhindered navigation worldwide and therefore has been directly mobilized regarding the major issue that has arisen with the disruption of the Suez Canal operation after the stranding of “Ever Given” container ship.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in cooperation with the Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy Ministry and the Hellenic Shipowners’ Association of Tugs, Salvage, Antipollution and OSVs informed, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Suez Canal Authorities that Greece is fully prepared to provide assistance and contribute to the friendly country of Egypt for the restoration of navigation, both in terms of towing the container ship and in dredging operations.

In any case, the Greek side is closely following the events, hoping that the Suez Canal will open again for international navigation as soon as possible.