FILE NUMBER: 05/2020

Our Association, with this press release, declares its full support to the Hellenic Association of Tugs and Salvage Vessels’ Crew.

The failure to satisfy the fair request and the anachronistic legislation are inhibiting factors in the development of the crews, which as employees of the tugs constitute their manpower.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that this is not the only issue, but also a number of other issues, which are pending due to current anachronistic legislation and which negatively affect the smooth and safe operation of tugs and salvage vessels in Greece. These issues have been highlighted, recorded and documented through scientific research and studies. Unfortunately, to date, governmental and official bodies have neglected their settlement, damaging and endangering both people and the environment, as well as third parties (ships, workers and facilities), on the altar of the interests of those who benefit from the obsolete legislation and the chaos created from its implementation, in the context of service and their own aspirations.

With deepest regret we notice that, although the Government’s development actions are advancing to other sectors of entrepreneurship, in our sector time has frozen to 1960–70 leading to third-world conditions rather than European conditions in our ports.

We once again call on the competent bodies for the resolution of these issues, the consolidation and the modernization of our sector.
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